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People are experiencing extraordinary

results with our support.

Here are just a few of our success stories.

Will You Be Next? 

* Individual results may vary and these testimonials are not intended to imply you will achieve the same results. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors (full disclaimer).

"I came to Rebecca after 7 months of working with a nurse, not finding relief for the acute pain I was having vaginally, not being able to sleep, and getting emotionally exhausted. Within the first 2 weeks of following her process, I got drastic results and effective ways to care for myself outside of treatment. Now the pain is nearly gone, I can sleep at night, and that experience of agony seems distant already 6 weeks into treatment.

Rebecca's commitment to care, personalized attention and planning, and thoroughness were healing alongside the acupuncture and herb treatment I received. Honestly, with all respect for Western medicine and its real place in my own healing journey in some ways, the intake process with Rebecca made the doctor visits seem so... lacking.

I have gratefully experienced real results and real care with Rebecca which have changed my quality of life without a doubt. I highly recommend the intake experience if you are considering."

- Sarah, Transformational Life Coach and Massage Therapist

"I had a profound acupuncture session with Chinese Dr. Rebecca Wayne. I was developing a frozen shoulder that got unblocked completely during the session. I so much appreciated Rebecca's ability to deeply hear me in the different discomforts of my body. I felt understood, she knew what I was looking to achieve with my health. During the acupuncture treatment, I felt the energy in my body shifting as if my body got a real boost to heal itself. Ever since the treatment, I have been sleeping more deeply." 

- Marie, Transformational Life Coach 

"After seeing Rebecca for the last three months, I can whole heartedly recommend her acupuncture and Chinese medicine services. I began seeing Rebecca to help lower my high blood pressure and high stress levels. When I initially came to her my blood pressure was on average 130-140/high 80s and I was already on prescription medication and did not want to increase my dosage. After several visits for acupuncture, along with taking herbs and making the dietary changes that Rebecca recommended, I saw a drastic change in my blood pressure. I am no longer on my medication and my blood pressure is 120s/80s. I have also noticed a decrease in my stress levels as well."

- Mackenzie, Full-Time Mom


"Rebecca is working wonders in my 2 year old son's life. Our ENT was ready to do surgery to remove his adenoids and tonsils, however Rebecca's loving and scientific application of Chinese medicine is allowing my son to breathe through his nose day and night. We are experiencing such a significant improvement that it is clear that surgery was not actually necessary. It's exciting to think that we are healing his body on a deeper level at the root cause, as we continue with regular treatments.


Rebecca is an intuitive intelligent healer. My son falls into a trance of receptivity in her presence! It's been amazing to witness his transformation."

- Dominique, Full-Time Mom 

"Rebecca has helped me so much over the past several months. During my pregnancy, I was experiencing a lot of pain that I had experienced so early in my previous pregnancies and a few sessions of acupuncture really helped to relieve those pains as well as lack of appetite and anxiety. I really appreciate the time she spends with patients and that she truly addresses the whole patient."

​- Serena, Full-Time Mom

"I like Rebecca! Acupuncture feels good!"

- Cyprian, 2 year old



"Rebecca is a very knowledgeable, warm acupuncturist who helped me immensely during a crisis point in my life. I was having extreme panic attacks and feeling very anxious and ungrounded when I first came to Rebecca. She was very attentive and supportive from day one, and kept in touch with me between sessions if needed. Within the first week of seeing her, my stress levels decreased immensely, and she put me on a personalized Chinese medicine which almost immediately got rid of the panic attacks. As I continued to take the herbs and receive treatment, I felt more and more grounded and capable to handle life. If you are having any sort of mental health problems, or would simply like to improve your quality of life, I highly recommend seeing Rebecca."

- Shena, Massage Therapist

"Rebecca is an incredibly kind and talented acupuncturist and Chinese medicine healer! When I first came to see her, I felt so depleted (physically and emotionally), but after each session, I have felt stronger and stronger! She also treats my two children with acupressure, and has helped them with constipation, sleep, and energy issues, among others. We feel so fortunate to have found her and recommend her to everyone we know!"

- Danika, Real Estate Agent

"Rebecca treated me all throughout my pregnancy. Her care was exactly what my body needed at the time. She was thoughtful, kind, and driven to find new ways to help me with my nausea and other symptoms. I highly recommend her for your family."

- Amanda, Photographer 

"Every time I receive an acupuncture treatment from Rebecca I experience profound realizations and MOVEMENT from where I was stuck and in pain. She holds space for transformation of the root issue. Combine Rebecca's warm healing presence with Chinese medicine and we've got a MASTERFUL MEDICINE WOMAN among us! Highly recommend her!"

- Dominique, Parenting Coach 

"I saw Rebecca when I was 12 days overdue in my pregnancy. I was hoping to avoid a hospital induction of labor. The treatment was relaxing and I felt energized and invigorated afterwards. Our baby was born less than 48 hours later, before our hospital induction deadline." 

- Melissa, Full-Time Mom 

"I've had no colds this winter and Its been clear sailing through the allergy season.  She is amazing! Thank You Rebecca."

- Karen, Financial Adviser 

"I'm consistently amazed at Rebecca's knowledge and execution of Chinese Medicine to support the body's natural ability to heal itself. She's helped me with an eye allergy, a bizarre skin condition last spring, and a severe shin hematoma.

She's kind, easy to work with, and genuinely concerned with the overall wellbeing of her patients. I'm delighted to recommend her to anyone looking for a holistic approach to health."

- Amity, Editor of Green Child Magazine 

"Rebecca is approachable, understanding, non-judgmental, and compassionate. Rebecca is very knowledgeable about Chinese medicine and accommodating to different needs.  I always feel peaceful and relaxed with her. Rebecca is genuinely concerned about the well-being of her patients both during and outside of treatment, and I feel she will always be there to help me as an acupuncturist and as a friend."


- Mackensie, Student

"Very welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. This being my first time experiencing acupuncture, Rebecca walked me through the entire process. She made sure I had a complete understanding of what to expect and why a certain method or approach was being used. I was impressed with her professionalism and how thorough she was throughout my appointment. I will definately be using her services again."

- Mike

"Recently I injured my back raking leaves. My chiropractor helped with the alignment but he couldn't relieve the deep pain in my hips and back. Rebecca spent time with me concentrating on those areas as well as healing my whole body. I went from flat on my back to 95% healed."

- Karen, Financial Advisor

"When I was pregnant with my second child I felt very nauseated, anxious, and emotional. I went to see Rebecca weekly and she supported me immensely with what I was experiencing. It was very therapeutic and relieving to receive her treatments. Rebecca helped me to release and manage my fears about the upcoming birth and life changes. Later in the pregnancy I was having trouble sleeping. Her acupuncture treatments remarkedly regulated my sleeping patterns. I became sold on Chinese medicine and sold on Rebecca's unique and intuitive healing capabilities."

- Dominique, Full-Time Mom

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