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My Passion for Pediatrics

When my first son was around eight months old, I noticed that he began to have occasional periods of wheezing. I could hear his airways tighten and his breathing would become more difficult.


I was scared. As a child with asthma, I knew the possible road ahead with steroid inhalers and asthma attacks that would have my child in the ER.


I did not want that for him, especially when I knew I had natural choices for his healthcare and the knowledge that Chinese medicine was powerful enough to help him heal.


I first searched for an acupuncturist locally to treat my son but did not know of anyone specializing in pediatrics. So I decided to use the wisdom and skill that I gained from my training to help my son’s body heal.


After several treamtents using acupuncture, pediatric tui na, and herbal formulas, my son’s wheezing completely disappeared! I was amazed, humbled, and somewhat in disbelief that his body had healed so quickly.


I was so moved and inspired by my experience with my son that I knew in my heart that pediatrics was a major focus for me in my practice. Since that time, I have never experienced him wheeze again nor show any other signs of asthmatic breathing.

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